About: AnoHanapMo.com

The idea to create AnoHanapMo.com was born out of frustration of posting ads on group chats and a few seconds later gets bumped out of view because others are posting their ads too. Viewers or potential customers would not go and read back to see what they’ve missed, specially if there are already lots of posts to read back. I thought of creating a “classified ads” type of website with an exceptional search or filter mechanism that will allow any potential buyer to find what he or she needs. The website must also be simple enough for sellers to post their listings and not expensive too. Interested buyers can quickly contact the sellers via phone, chat, or email – no hiding of seller information. This would help MSME’s to restart their business affected by the pandemic and hopefully, recoup their losses. With these requirements in mind, www.anohanapmo.com was born – to be your best source for classified ads/listings. 

What We Do

Simply, we connect buyers and sellers and stimulate the growth of economy in our own little way. 

To borrow from the ads of yore, we say “Let your mouse do the walking.”

How it Works

Create Account

Click the "My Account" icon and register. Registration is required so viewers of your ads can communicate with you either via phone, chat, or email.

Post your Ad

Click the "Post Your Ad" button and fill in the info for your ad. The contact details will be populated by data you entered when you created your account.

Get Offers

By searching/filtering, viewers can find your product and communicate with you directly so it's important that you provide complete information and nice pictures.

Sell Your Item

This is where your selling acumen comes into play. Complete transparency and honesty will earn you good reviews and more sales. Good luck.

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What Customers Say About Us

Kudos to your classified ads website ! I find it easy and simple to use. The filter by radius is icing on the cake. I can't ask for any other feature.

Romel Diaz

COO, Mr. and Mrs. Brew

Finding an item to purchase is now easy to do. Thanks to www.anohanapmo.com. Now, I let my mouse do the walking !


Clinical Pharmacist

Your classified ads website is as complete as it should be. It has a compare feature that makes buying easy and an informed decision. More importantly, I can communicate with the sellers directly via phone, chat, or email.

Chris Derla

Car Dealer