Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions. Check them out before trying to reach us as your question may have been answered already.

How To Buy A Product?

The website acts as a bridge between buyer and seller. Hence buyers must be aware of the various ways fraudsters work online. Always verify the authenticity of the seller. The website has a chat feature. Chat with the seller and ask questions that will give the seller's info, e.g. address (if the seller did not include a Google map), phone number (also, if seller did not include when they registered). Ask questions about the product you plan to buy and the mode of payment and delivery. If you're not satisfied with the replies, find another seller you will be more comfortable to deal with.

How To Post an Ad

  1. Depending on whether your using a desktop, tablet, or mobile, click the big, red button that says "+ Post Your Ad" or "+ Post ad".
  2. Register to the site, if you haven't.
  3. You will receive an email asking you to verify. Go ahead and verify.
  4. Once verified, you can click "+ Post an Ad" and log on. You will be presented with the number of ads (paid and free) that you have.
  5. Continue with the ad posting by using dropdowns, checkboxes, and filling in mandatory information.
  6. Once done filling information, click "Submit". An email will be sent to the administrator to review and approve your ad. You post should be live in a few minutes.

How To Sell Effectively

Your ad post should be attractive and eye-catching. You can do this by adding good quality resolution pictures and videos. Alternatively, you can use text that attracts attention. You may want to use applications like canva (, photoshop, or Illustrator to create ads that will help you sell your product. When using images, try to minimize its file size as big images tend to load slow and viewers will only wait a few seconds and leave. Images with small file size will load faster, almost instantaneous and your viewer will see it immediately. This will provide the customer a good experience. There are many online image resizers out there like TinyJPG or TinyPNG that will do the work of downsizing your images using lossless compression. Check them out.

How To Get Product Support?

As we only act as a bridge between buyer and seller, product support is handled and provided by the seller. Before buying any product, ask the seller how they handle product support. If you're not happy with their response, find an alternative seller with a better product support.