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What is Manuka Honey?

Put simply, Manuka honey is a rare and unique honey made by bees from the nectar of the New Zealand Manuka tree. The special qualities of Manuka honey come from the Manuka flower nectar.

But there’s a bit more to it than that… 

Extensive scientific research has shown Manuka honey has remarkable natural qualities that set it apart from other honeys. Not all Manuka honey is equal though, and it requires specialist expertise to be at its natural best.

Manuka honey is only made in New Zealand and only during a few weeks every summer when the Manuka is in flower 

To capture the nectar flow the beehives must be placed in the wild remote Manuka areas at just the right time, and conditions have to be just right – strong winds will blow the flowers from the plants, while rain keeps the bees from venturing out of their hives. Making Manuka honey is a lot more challenging than common honeys like Clover which grows all year round in backyards everywhere!

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  • Manuka honey is a complex honey that goes far beyond a simple table honey.
  • We like to think of it as the ultimate combo of plant power and bee magic –the powerful properties of the Manuka tree combined with the goodness of honey.
  • Manuka honey has been the focus of extensive scientific research evidencing remarkable natural qualities that set it apart from other honeys.
  • Look for MGO or UMF certification on the label to help select the right grade for your needs. The higher the number the higher the MGO potency (MGO is what makes Manuka honey so special).


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